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Horizon Treatment Center (HTC) is located at 24681 Northwestern Hwy Suite 306, Southfield, MI, inside of a beautiful 4 story building, located on the corner of Evergreen Rd
and the Lodge Freeway/Northwestern Hwy.   This site is equipped with all safety standards, complying with  all city ordinances.  Our handicapped  accessibility complies with the  
ADA standards. Our  site provides mental health, substance abuse and behavioral health services.  Our business office hours are Monday's - Thursday's from 9am - 5pm.  
Our Client Therapy Hours (which are by appointment only) are Monday's - Thursday's from 9am - 9pm and Saturday's from  10am - 3pm.
 Behavioral Health Services
Medication management treatment provided by a licensed and board certified psychiatrist (MD/DO).  Persons utilizing this service can be in a specific program at Horizon     
Treatment Center (HTC), but may need medications to stabilize the presenting symptoms and to facilitate a return to the person’s previous healthy and stable level of

                                                                                                                                             Court Services
Court-referred individuals dealing with an alcohol, drug abuse, domestic violence issue or assault and battery.  Our outpatient court service program is designed and features
the following services:
                                    *  Screening and Assessment – for drunk driving sentencing              *   Evaluations for treatment services
                                    *  Walk in & random on-site drug screening                                             *   Timely and appropriate feedback
                                    *  Referral services                                                                                         *   Day and evening hours
                                    *  Domestic Violence Intervention Groups (meets for 26 weeks)         *   Drivers License Appeal Division (DLAD) evaluations – license restoration hearings

                                                                                                                                   Drug Intervention Program
This program in suitable for repeat or high-risk offenders.  It entails educating the client on the progression of addictions.  The program focuses on breaking through denial and
other defense mechanisms, the progression of the disease, a comprehensive understanding of the effects of drugs and alcohol on the mind and the body, the consequences of
abuse, strategies for treatment and abstinence, followed by driver's safety education. The program is a 15-hour group session.  Attendance: Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday.

                                                                                                                           Domestic Violence Intervention Program
This program emphasizes the repetitive and escalating cycle of domestic violence, to facilitate awareness, accountability, and non-violent behaviors for an individual
involved in a  domestic violence conviction.  Summary of the program's topics are as follows:
                             *  Anger Management                              *  Time/Stress Management                *  Communication Skills  
                             *  Passive/Aggressive Behaviors           *  Domestic Violence Cycle                  *  Victims in Relationships                       
                             *  Child Abuse in Violent Homes            *  Battered Women                                *  Shattered Lives

                                                                                                                                        Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP)
The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is a flexibly-scheduled intensive chemical dependency treatment program serving adults (18 years of age and older), and youths
(12-17 years of age), that are committed to treatment and abstinence.  The primary purpose of the IOP is to assist the client in developing a solid foundation for recovery.  
Our IOP services  include: professionally directed assessments and evaluations; individualized treatment planning; integration of support and resource referrals;
on-site drug screenings; individual and/or group treatment support.  The program will consist of four-week, four day group session that will meet for 12 hours per week.

                                                                                                                              MADD-Sponsored Victims Impact Panel
This program is a 2-hour session for court referred clients who have been convicted of a driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs offense.   This program stresses
taking personal responsibility, accountability and consequences for criminal behavior as well as the consequences from the victims' perspective.  This program also
entails viewing footage of actual panels and the responses from offenders.
                                                                                                                                          Outreach Counseling Services
Horizon Treatment Center’s staff facilitate weekly groups in your Adult Foster Care Home, Group Homes, Shelters, Churches and/or Community agencies, addressing
substance abuse and/or parenting classes.

                                                                                                                                  Outpatient Counseling Services
Horizon Treatment Center’s outpatient programs for mental health and/or substance abuse services are designed to meet the individual needs of children, adolescents,        
adults, couples and the family.  Services include: assessments and evaluations;  24-hour emergency crisis resolution; treatment and aftercare planning; on-site drug
screening; support and resource referrals.  The focus and length of treatment depends upon the needs of each individual and family.  Individual, couples, families and
group treatment focuses on:
        *  Gambling Addiction                         *  Financial Counseling                          *  Self-Esteem Enhancement               *  Stress & Time Management                  
        *   Anger Management                        *  Behavioral Issues                                *  Alcohol and/or Drug abuse                *  Sexual, Verbal & Physical Abuse         
        *   Bereavement Issues                      *  School Problems                                 *  Parenting & Marital Issues                 *  Anxiety/Depression                                 
        *   Conflict Resolutions                       *  Pre-marital Counseling                      *  ADD/ADHD                                            *  Parenting Classes                                 
        *   Divorce                                               *  Couples Counseling                          *  Domestic Violence                               *  Your particular concerns
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